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Application Guidelines

1. Rates – Application fee $40.00.  Permitted occupants over the age of 18 pay a $25.00 fee for a criminal background check.

2. Rental Reference – Each applicant’s rental history must be checked for the last two years.  Landlord/Tenant records will be reviewed.

3. Income Requirements – Gross income should be at least three times the rental amount per month, in most instances.  Any other source of income will also be taken into consideration.

4. Credit References – A credit report will be obtained on each applicant.  A statistical scoring model is used to determine credit worthiness.  The information used is obtained through a major Credit Reporting Agency.

5. Criminal Check – A criminal report will be obtained on each applicant and permitted occupant over the age of 18.  Any felony or misdemeanor offense will be weighted individually, and acceptance will be based on the nature and disposal of the offense.

6. Renter’s Insurance – Each applicant is responsible for acquiring renter’s insurance before signing a lease agreement.  Vista Realty, Inc. must be listed as “additional insured” and the policy must remain in force throughout the tenancy.

7. Transfers – A resident may transfer from one property to another if the current lease is satisfied.  You will be required to complete a new, updated application.  A new credit report is not necessary, providing a good rental reference is given by your current property.  A pre-inspection of the unit to be vacated must be completed before a transfer is granted, and no visible tenant damages.  Security deposits may not be transferred, and a new deposit and administrative fee will be required.

8. Specials – All approved applicants are eligible for any specials that a property is promoting.  Any applicants with conditionally approved or requiring a co-signer, will not be eligible for the deposit special, but will be eligible for any current monthly specials.